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Benefits Of using WeDoLaundry Business Services

Free WeDoLaundry Bags

We provide you with pick-up bags. You can use them to store your dirty laundry and then give them to our valet at the time of pick-up.

Custom Laundry Packages

We know your laundry will grow as your business grows, so we don't tie you in a fixed load plan for every pick-up You can give us different weights at every pickup and it will be charged accordingly.

Discounts from Regular Prices

Business customers that order regular pick-ups will be rewarded with discounts from our normal prices.

One Free Same-Day Delivery

Need it urgently on some day of a month, we promise to be on time as per your requirements, our turnaround time in general is 24 hours.

No Cancellation Fee

If you want to cancel the next laundry pickup,. Just give us a call beforehand.e will skip the pick-up at no additional charge.

Auto Scheduling of Pickups

Whether you need it daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly just let us know once and our system will do the job to schedule your pickups.

Business Services

We are servicing clients across various industries and with different laundering needs, including:

  • Restaurants

  • Medical Clinics

  • Dental Offices

  • Hotels

  • Facilities

  • Day Cares

  • Dress & Suits Rentals

  • Salons

  • Spas

  • Fitness Clubs

  • Business Clubs

  • Schools

  • Senior Homes

  • Furnished Apartments

  • Offices

  • Airbnb

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