About Us

About Us

Laundry day is a necessity for every household, but it can be such a huge time-sink. Let us help you redeem some of those priceless hours.

WeDoLaundry is a revolutionary, eco-friendly valet service that:

  • Picks up your dirty clothing from the location of your choice
  • Deposits it into the care of professional, experienced cleaners; and
  • Delivers your garments back to you washed, fluffed, and folded.

Think of us as your "Uber of Laundry". Our technology handles all of the complex logistics quickly and cost-effectively, allowing you to enjoy freshly done laundry without having to take time out of your day.

What could you accomplish with a few extra hours in your week?


To make our customer's laundry clean with the click of a button.


To become the world's leading source for clean laundry while providing a steady source of income for washers and drivers.

About WeDoLaundry

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Our Team

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Abhishek Arora

Project Manager


Abhishek Arora

Project Manager


Abhishek Arora

Project Manager

Satisfied customers on WeDoLaundry

Jordan K. | May 3, 2020

I've just started to use a laundry service as I had usually got to the laundromat and did it myself.It's difficult to do ordinary tasks in extraordinary times. This is where We Do Laundry really helps me out. The Laundry always comes back super clean and crisply folded. They take care in their work and it shows. T.J my laundry valet is amazing texting me when he's about to arrive and drop off. You can even have contactless pickup and drop off as long as it's in a safe location. 10/10 would recommend.

Linda B.| April 26, 2020

Fabulous thank you for the prompt service the other thing is the bags were to full and some were ripped. I recommend.

Wendy K. | April 25, 2020

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality.

Sekhon H. | April 22, 2020

WeDoLaundry , are through professionals, we got our laundry in time and fresh and clean, all the clothes were properly folded in the green bags. Extremely happy with their honest and reliable service. Thank You Abhishek.

Gordon D. | April 17, 2020

This is my second time I’ve used We Do Laundry and in both cases their pickup and delivery was as promised. I highly recommend them.

Andrew B. | April 08, 2020

Responsiveness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value.

Brenna R. | March 22, 2020

So far, I am quite pleased with the subscription service.

Christien L. | February 13, 2020

Fast service, decent price. Everything came back neatly folded and as expected. Will use next time I'm in the city.

Derek V. | January 22, 2020

Have used this service since living in Vancouver, prices for dry cleaning & laundry are reasonable. I would highly recommend them to those who needs professional and quick service.

Corey M. | January 18, 2020

Fast, friendly, and excellent service!

Paul L. | January 7, 2020

So glad I found this laundry service. They picked up at our hotel promptly and returned before 5 o'clock. We received our clothes clean, neatly folded and stacked. Fantastic experience.... Gave them five star because they worth it. Customers for life!

Joelle P. A.| February 13, 2019

Easy ordering online, pick up and delivery on time…

Roy F. | November 30, 2019

Excellent and fast service. The delivery driver Gary was friendly and great in customer service.Would definitely recommend and use their services again.

Gurpreet D. | November 12, 2019

I recently used Wedolaundry as I do not have the time to do my laundry. My laundry was delivered in excellent condition, breathing like fresh, brand new clothes. Highly recommend to everyone!

Lila B. | November 04, 2019

Super fast and amazing customer service, laundry was done with care.

Eshank S. | October 31, 2019

Great, service always on time and excellent work with my clothes... Calls in after the service for feedback.

Hans D. | October 30, 2019

Best, friendliest service I've used yet - great and easy webpage too!

Kirstin P.| October 23, 2019

Gary is amazing! He went out of his way to pick up and drop of washing in a timely manner. Helped us out with special requests and made sure we were satisfied with the service. Would definitely recommend wedolaundry.

Angelo B.| October 19, 2019

WeDoLaundry was amazing!! Very prompt service, friendly staff. They had my laundry back within 24 hours. The folding was impeccable and they had the towels folded and in a separate bag. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs to save a bit of time and stress. 5 star service.

Lara S. | September 24, 2019

The service was wonderful. Provided email confirmations, was very punctual and reliable, called prior to pick up and delivery. Quality was very good. I would highly recommend We Do Laundry.

Cleo J. | September 16, 2019

First time with WeDoLaundry and the were great! Awesome and super friendly customer service. Very thankful and happy with my experience.

Maryam B.| August 26, 2019

Very professionally handled. I don’t have laundry in my bsmt and was too busy with baby to get it done before moving to another bsmt next month.Great service. They were here on time, made sure I knew how my order was going to be handled.The laundry was folded in their green bags and handled back at said time. I would highly recommend their service and look forward to use it again.Thanks. Moving made easier.

Mijke B.| August 21, 2019

While on holiday with an infant, I needed some laundry done. Our washing was picked up and delivered back the same day. Everything was clean and smelled fresh. Overall really pleased with the service. Would recommend.

David K. S. | August 16, 2019

WeDoLaundry returned Laundry very neatly and folded. They picked up at our hotel quickly and returned before 7 o'clock. Very nice people to deal with and very good at whatever they are doing. Highly recommended to everyone!

Frederico T.| August 07, 2019

Excellent service! I wonder why nobody figure that out before. For only a few bucks I saved SO MUCH time. Please stay forever!

Ishneet K.| October 04, 2018

Very reliable and easy to use service, gave them a call, they picked up my bag of laundry and next day got the clothes back nicely folded and clean.

Rohan B.| October 03, 2018

Interesting concept and super friendly service.